Your business success is
our GOAL!!

Your business success is
our GOAL!!

We don’t just sell stores; we build solutions to boost our merchants’ sales.

0% commissions. We don’t charge any commissions on our merchants’ sales.

Welcome to our platform, where we don’t believe in taking a cut of your sales. With 0% commissions, your success is our top priority. Join us today!

Enhanced Experience

Elevate the Shopping Experience through personalized product recommendations, resulting in increased sales, heightened customer satisfaction, and strengthened customer loyalty.

Smart Search & Filters

Our smart search and filtering options make it easy for customers to find exactly what they’re looking for. With features like auto-suggestions and robust filters, shoppers can quickly narrow down their choices, leading to higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Secure Payment Options

We offer secure payment options, including credit card processing, digital wallets, and more. Provide customers with peace of mind during transactions, reducing cart abandonment and boosting sales.

Ready to start your e-commerce business?

Our mission is to facilitate the growth of your business.

We serve content creators with excellence. Focus on creativity and benefit!

Key Features of the ‘BCM’ System

A powerful array of key features designed to elevate your e-commerce experience.

  • User-Friendly Dual-Language Control Panel (Arabic and English)
  • Responsive Design for Optimal Mobile and Cross-Device Compatibility
  • Advanced Multi-Tiered Promotions System for Enhanced Marketing
  • Versatile Payment Options, including Online Payments and Cash on Delivery
  • Seamless Shipping and Delivery Solutions, serving the UAE and Global Markets

And more..

  • Zero Sales Commissions, enabling Merchants to Keep Their Earnings
  • Ongoing Technical Support for a Hassle-Free Experience
  • Robust Inventory Management Tools for Efficient Stock Control
  • Analytics and Reporting Features for Informed Decision-Making
  • Social Media Integration for Wider Reach and Engagement

Bee Cell Markets FAQ

Here Are The Most Frequently Asked Questions.

Who can benefit from your platform (BCM)?2023-11-11T11:11:52+04:00
  1. All entrepreneurs looking to launch professional e-stores at the lowest cost and with minimal risk.
  2. Business owners with traditional stores looking to expand their businesses by opening online sales channels.
  3. Home-based merchants and social media sellers (e.g., Instagram) seeking to manage and grow their customer base and sales.
  4. Content creators and influencers interested in selling digital or non-digital products or offering paid or free services (such as consultations).
What types of products can I sell?2023-11-11T11:12:02+04:00

You can sell all types of products allowed within the laws of the United Arab Emirates through your e-commerce platform, whether tangible (e.g., bags, perfumes, shoes) or digital products (e.g., e-books, courses).

What do you mean by ‘Digital Products’?2023-11-11T11:13:11+04:00

Digital products are all products that can be sold or traded digitally and directly, such as PDF e-books, courses, digital files, and remote consultations.

Do you provide warehousing services for goods?2023-11-11T11:14:42+04:00

Yes, we offer warehousing services for your goods in third-party warehouses that we collaborate with, at competitive monthly rates.

I am already employed and looking for an additional source of income. Can I benefit from your service?2023-11-11T11:15:55+04:00

Absolutely, you can benefit from our service. We provide an ideal solution for serious individuals looking to build their own businesses and engage in present and future commerce. Our mission is to empower and assist them in growing their businesses.

Do I need a license to purchase from you?2023-11-11T11:16:50+04:00

No, launching your e-store with us, whether for tangible or digital products, does not require a license. However, you will need a license when activating electronic payments (payments via credit cards like Visa and MasterCard, as well as Google Pay and Apple Pay). We provide assistance to all our customers in obtaining their business licenses within 1-3 business days without the need for them to visit any facilities, and we do not charge any additional fees above the official license price.

Do you provide a commercial license for my e-store?2023-11-11T11:17:39+04:00

Yes, we collaborate with key entities in the United Arab Emirates to provide licenses for our customers’ stores within 1-3 business days without them needing to visit any facilities, and we do not charge any additional fees above the official license price.

I already have an existing e-commerce store, and I want to switch to your platform. Can you assist with that?2023-11-11T11:18:43+04:00

Certainly, we can assist you in transferring your entire e-store from any other platform to ours for free. (*Transfer is completely free for stores with up to 30 products; beyond that, there will be a small fee based on the level of support required.)

I already have my own domain. Can I keep it and link it to my store with you?2023-11-11T11:19:34+04:00

Yes, our technical team can assist you with that without any additional charges.

Do you offer free technical support?2023-11-11T11:21:56+04:00

Yes, free technical support is included in all our plans, and our technical support team is available seven days a week. Please note that free technical support covers the readiness and efficient operation of the e-store throughout the subscription period, as well as assisting the customer with any actions or inquiries they may need. *Free technical support does not include the implementation of any significant modifications, for which additional charges may apply based on the level of support required.

Do you offer digital marketing services for my store?2023-11-11T11:22:34+04:00

Yes, we already provide free marketing tools that serve your store’s marketing efforts and contribute to its growth. If you need specialized digital marketing services for your store (such as managing social media content, managing paid advertising, SEO, etc.), we can provide those services through our dedicated marketing and growth department for an additional fee.

Do you offer product photography services?2023-11-11T11:23:24+04:00

Yes, we offer product photography services in collaboration with third-party providers at competitive rates for our customers.

Are you a licensed company?2024-05-29T16:22:44+04:00

Yes, we are a licensed company in the United Arab Emirates (License Number: 1233158), and our official office is in Dubai (Address: Yes Business Tower, Office 1011, Barsha 1).

Do you have any other questions? We are ready to answer them at any time.

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